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Klenk Tools, a division of Everhard Products, Inc., is rebuilding our websites to ensure our customers
have the best online experience when asking about and purchasing Everhard and Klenk Tools.

Our new websites are here:

Tire Tire and Rubber https://Tire.Everhard.com
Roof Everhard Hand Tools for Roofing https://Roofing.Everhard.com
HVACR Klenk Hand Tools for HVACR https://Klenk.Everhard.com
Screen Everhard Hand Tools for Screen https://Screen.Everhard.com

* * * Please reset your bookmarks to these sites. * * *

We appreciate your visiting our website, and your patience in waiting for the new sites to launch.
Thank you for being a Klenk customer.

You can contact us directly at the numbers below:

1-800-327-5619, or 330-453-7857 outside the U.S.

Everhard Products, Inc.


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